What is New?

☉ in ♐ : ☽ in ♈ : Anno IVxix æræ novæ   (2012.12.20 e.v.)

Revamp of site. My work on the Coph Nia Lodge website inspired me to work on my own site, which has languished for some time. As I added material, I realized that the style I had chosen from Open Source Web Design was totally unsuitable for large quantities of text. Since this web site is devoted to the writings of various people, this was a serious flaw. I found this design which is less elegant, but far easier to read, especially after I tweaked the style sheet to use a serif font rather than a sans-serif. I am using a modified version of the Sinorcaish template. Design credit goes to John Zaitseff.

I’ve completed all of the seed pages, so there should be no dead links; however the work is far from over. I will be adding to it as time permits.