What is New?

Sol 8° Cancer : Luna 22° Libra : Luna: Vvi AL(2020.06.29 e.v.)

Added an English Qabalah Gematria Calculator to the Toys & Utilities page.

Sol 17° Gemini : Luna 8° Capricorn : Sol: Vvi AL(2020.06.07 e.v.)

Added Dr. Stephen Flowers essay on Mortensen's book, The Command to Look.

Sol 4° Gemini : Luna 6° Cancer : Luna : Vvi AL(2020.05.25 e.v.)

Fixed typo on Liber 220 (II.76 had "choose none" rather than "chosen one").

Sol 25° Aries : Luna 2° Aquarius : Mercury : Vvi AL(2020.04.15 e.v.)

Added Clément de Saint-Marcq: The Eucharist (1906) to Others page.

Sun 23° in Aries : Moon 23° in Sagittarius : Sol : Vvi AL(2020.04.12 e.v.)

Added Liber E vel Exercitiorum Sub Figurâ IX to Crowley page.

Sun 17° in Aries : Moon 24° in Virgo : Moon : AL Vvi(2020.04.06 e.v.)

Added Liber LXI vel Causæ A∴A∴ to Crowley page.

Sun 14° in Aries : Moon 17° in Leo : Saturn : AL Vvi(2020.04.04 e.v.)

Added Jack Parsons' The Book of the Antichrist to Thelemites page.

Sun 13° in Aries : Moon 4° in Leo : dies Iovis : Anno Legis Vvi (2020.04.02 e.v.)

Added The Dangers of Mysticism to Crowley page.

Sun 12° in Aries : Moon 16° in Cancer : dies Mercurii : Anno Legis Vvi (2020.04.01 e.v.)

Added Liber O vel Manus et Sagittae Sub Figurâ VI to Crowley page.

Sun 1° in Aries : Moon 29° in Aquarius : dies Saturn : Anno Legis Vvi   (2020.03.21 e.v.)

Added Liber Libræ Sub Figurâ XXX to Crowley page.

☉ 22° Sagittarius : ☽ 28° Leo : dies ☽ : Anno Legis Vv   (2020.01.13 e.v.)

Added Arthur Avalon under Others. He is credited as having brought Hindu Tantra to a wider audience. His works were influential for occultists at the turn of previous century.

☉ 23° Sagittarius : ☽ 4° Leo : dies ☉ : Anno Legis Ⅴⅴ   (2019.12.15 e.v.)

Added Eliade's Diary Entry Regarding Evola and an excerpt from Paschal Beverly Randolph's work Eulis! The History of Love titled "Immortalization".

You may also notice that the dating format has changed. I found that Era Legis, which I had been using before, was giving me the wrong day. I am now actually casting a chart with Astro Seek. I use Boleskine as the location (57°08'N, 4°17'W) and the time is Noon. With that, I feel I am good for the day.

☉ in ♍ : ☽ in ♈ : dies ☿ : Anno Legis Viv   (2018.08.29 e.v.)

Added two works by Ezra Pound under Others. Religio or, The Child’s Guide to Knowledge (1918) and Axiomata (1921)

☉ in ♐ : ☽ in ♈ : dies ♀ : Anno Legis IVxix   (2012.12.20 e.v.)

Revamp of site. My work on the Coph Nia Lodge website inspired me to work on my own site, which has languished for some time. As I added material, I realized that the style I had chosen from Open Source Web Design was totally unsuitable for large quantities of text. Since this web site is devoted to the writings of various people, this was a serious flaw. I found this design which is less elegant, but far easier to read, especially after I tweaked the style sheet to use a serif font rather than a sans-serif. I am using a modified version of the Sinorcaish template. Design credit goes to John Zaitseff.

I’ve completed all of the seed pages, so there should be no dead links; however the work is far from over. I will be adding to it as time permits.