Julius Evola

Giulio Cesare Andrea Evola (1898-1974)

Julius Evola, also known as Giulio Cesare Andrea Evola, was the most significant student of Guénon from the Thelemic perspective. His attitudes toward morality, the nature of humanity, and the importance of the warrior ethos compliment Crowley’s work well. He is the bridge between Guénon’s Tradition and Crowley’s Thelema.

Evola’s slant on Tradition was different from that of Guénon. While Guénon placed an emphasis on the meditative and priestly caste of the (Hindu) Brahmin, Evola focused on the dynamic and active warrior caste of the Kshatriyas. In his model, the overlapping spheres of the priesthood and the aristocracy create the King, who holds dominion over all. The parallels between this model and the Thelemic practices should be obvious.

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