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Franz Marc
Oil on Canvas

We, meaning my Holy Guardian Angel and myself, have been around for a long time. Originally, I went by the handle Thee Everluvin’ Nexist of Xaos Breach, or Nexist for short. My first, and primary website was called Xenda’ths. I believe Jake Stratton-Kent was the first to do it, but eventually the two became one and people referred to me as Nexist Xenda’ths. This is my primary persona. I have also used DAR=5, DAR205, Alyn, Eli Lith, 31Seel, Dysullius ip Therranji, Frater Gaeryth, and a few others. None of these were, or are, my magical motto.

I have joined the following groups:

I have founded or co-founded the following groups:

I’ve also had my hand here and there, assisting others, creating email lists, forum groups and web-rings (Channel 93 was the first Thelemic web-ring). I’ve been kicked off of a Wicca e-list, a “Warrior-Monk” e-list, a Portland Pagan e-list, a Dark Goddess e-list, and a Left Hand Path e-list. The charge in each case was that I was too “mean” or “dark.” I am quite fond of the fact that I was kicked off of a LHP list for being too mean. I am also inordinately amused that a woman who used the handle “Light2U” broke down and stated “I want nothing further to do with the energy that gags forth from your words....you exude a form of evil that should not be tolerated by ANYONE."

I’ve written several articles, essays and the like. As I find them I will list them on this page.

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